Strategic Counsel

Greener and Hook believes strategic counsel involves more than round words and imprecise advice. Our approach is predicated on a commitment to a real planning process that creates a genuine plan of action. We utilize a process of audit, analysis, and collaborative planning that places specific actions on a strategic platform that can be modified as circumstances dictate. From start to finish, Greener and Hook works with our clients to implement a real plan that connects communications goals to the larger objectives of the organization.


Delivery of cutting edge, effective messages through paid media is a proven capability of Greener and Hook. For our corporate and political clients, Greener and Hook has consistently delivered a product that demonstrably “moves the needle” in the direction sought by our clients. Year after year, we have been the recipients of multiple awards for this advertising.

Executive Communications

Whether it is a board presentation, a public speech, or media interview, Greener and Hook has worked with individuals and organizations to train, prepare, and coach them to successfully convey pre-determined messages. Often labeled “media training,” Greener and Hook recognizes executive communications equates to meeting a broader communications challenge. Avoiding a “one size fits all” approach, Greener and Hook believes its job is to “capture the voice” of a given individual in a fashion that maximizes the ability of that single person to be an effective advocate for themselves and the cause they serve.

Public Relations

In the modern world of communications, new media indeed represents a critical component for most Greener and Hook clients. However, our firm will not abandon fulfilling the need to make sure the more basic “blocking and tackling” of communications—news releases, brochures, talking points, speech content, fact sheets, media relations, and more—all receive the attention they deserve. As seasoned professionals, the partners at Greener and Hook cut their teeth developing these services and products at the highest levels of quality.

New Media

With more than half a billion people on Facebook (and growing every day), it no longer is an option to pretend that new media is anything but a central component of a true comprehensive communications plan. Greener and Hook has professionals with deep experience in Internet-based communications. Whether it is your own website, blogging, or having a Twitter presence, Greener and Hook is ready to assist you to do this in an efficient manner.

Government Relations

Greener and Hook does not assist clients in the writing of technical amendments to legislation or responses to proposed regulations. Instead, by virtue of our deep experience in the worlds of politics and government, we help create messages that work with both the technical expert and the largely disinterested public. We then add value to determining the strategy and tactics that best deliver these messages, including direct contact with elected officials and their staffs.

Crisis of Communications

One client offered the idea that Greener and Hook ought to rename the firm “Masters of Disaster.” That may be an overstatement, but our record of assisting clients in dealing with difficult situations with a high level of public attention and political interest is well documented. When an organization finds itself in a crisis, Greener and Hook has repeatedly been able to help develop a strategy and plan of action that has benefited the client, while being available 24 hours a day to assure that plan of action was actually implemented.