• William I. Greener III

    William I. Greener III

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    Bill Greener is a founding partner of the firm, Greener and Hook, LLC, a communications and political consulting firm servicing individual companies, trade associations, ad-hoc organizations and Republican candidates for political office. In operation since May of 1998, Greener and Hook has attracted a wide array of both corporate and political clients.

    Throughout his more than 30 years in the communications and political consulting fields, Greener has set the standard for uncovering solutions while developing a reputation for putting together winning strategies when communications is the key to victory in a political arena. He has an extensive background in dealing with situations that involve balancing public opinion, public policy and political considerations.

    From 1991 through the formation of Greener and Hook, he was a partner at the firm of Smith & Harroff (S&H), an Alexandria, Virginia-based consulting firm, working on both corporate and political accounts. In 1996, Greener took a leave of absence from Smith & Harroff to serve as Convention Manager for the Republican National Convention. The San Diego convention was one of the most highly praised in convention history for turning an event usually of interest only to political activists into an entertaining television program that attracted and interested a much wider audience. Greener has played a role in every GOP Convention since 1984, including being program coordinator in 2008.

    Before going to S&H, he held a series of senior public affairs posts in both the corporate and political world. In 1990, Greener was Vice President for Public Affairs for Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc. Prior to that, he directed corporate communications and state government affairs for International Paper for three years.

    In the 1986 election cycle, Greener was the Deputy Chief of Staff for political operations at the Republican National Committee (RNC), where he was responsible for directing the communications and political divisions, the operating arms of the RNC. Prior to holding this position, he spent three years as Communications Director for the RNC.

    At the outset of the Reagan Administration, Greener held the post of Director of Public Affairs at the Department of Energy (DOE). In addition, he has been Director of Media Operations for the U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation and served in the communications offices of both the Treasury Department and the Ford White House. Other political posts include Director of Media Operations for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Communications Director for the Illinois Republican State Party, and a similar job for the state’s U.S. Senate candidate in 1980.

    A 1972 graduate of Washington and Lee University with graduate-level studies in psychology at Miami of Ohio University, Greener serves on the faculty of the George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM). He is active in youth sports, coaching both basketball and baseball. Greener is a member of the Church of the Covenant (Presbyterian USA) where he has served as an elder and deacon, as well as Sunday School teacher.

    Greener resides in Marshall, Virginia with his wife Leigh Ann and they have four children, Rebecca, Billy, Ted, and Jesse.
  • Ed Brookover

    Ed Brookover

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    Ed Brookover Chairman of Greener and Hook’s Political Practice, has over 30 years experience in campaign politics. He has served as the national director for campaigns for all three Republican national committees. Brookover’s hands-on campaign experience in all fifty states led Roll Call, Capitol Hill’s leading newspaper, to label him a “svengali” for Republican Members of Congress and candidates.

    Brookover served as political director for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) from 1995 to 1999. He helped Republicans regain control of Congress and maintain its majority for the next two cycles. During his tenure at the NRCC, Brookover managed the GOP to upset victories in three key special elections.

    While at the NRCC, Brookover served as the staff liaison to the Republican leadership in Congress, briefing the leaders on political activities across the country and coordinating the Republican Congressional message. Working with Michael Hook, Brookover also developed the NRCC’s first-ever issue advertising campaign.

    Prior to joining the NRCC, Brookover worked at both the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). Brookover was the political director for the NRSC during the 1988 campaign cycle. He directed NRSC activities in all 33 Senate races that year. Brookover previously served as national field director for the Republican National Committee, serving under then RNC Political Director Bill Greener. He managed a staff of 47 with offices located all across the country.

    Brookover’s work has not been limited to politics in this country. He served as an advisor to the Prime Minister’s election in Greece and has been sought out by conservative parties in England, Canada, Australia, Belgium, and Taiwan for his advice and counsel. Immediately prior to joining Greener and Hook, Brookover served as Vice President of Political Affairs for Bonner & Associates. While at Bonner, Brookover developed grassroots and public relations strategies for clients such as The Business RoundTable, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC) and the Nuclear Energy Institute.

    Brookover’s work has also been recognized by his peers. The American Association of Political Consultants recently awarded Brookover a “Pollie” award for his writing, direction and producing advertising for the Michele Bachmann for Congress campaign. He is also a founding member and Chairman of the National Association of Republican Campaign Professionals.

    Campaign and Elections Magazine named Brookover one of America’s rising political stars. He has lectured on campaign strategies and tactics at George Washington University, American University, Lafayette University, Kent State University, the University of Toledo and George Mason University.